Ubuntu 18.04 Automatic Zime Zone

While traveling outside of my home time zone, I opened my computer and found that the time was incorrect. This was to be expected because I had yet to connect to the Internet. So naturally, I connected the Wi-Fi, and checked the date and time to see that nothing happened. Hmm, OK.

I restarted my computer thinking it will restart the ntp client, still no luck, so now Google time. Looks like a little utility called ‘gnome-clocks’ might be able to give me multiple clocks which is also something I was looking for. Once installed, I had to reboot again. Sure this is a neat utility, but it still didn’t update the clock and timezone on my computer.

On this reboot, however, I noticed a little location symbol near the system menu and it dawned on me. Of course my computer would need to have location services in order to figure out where I am. Now I just wonder why when setting the ‘Automatic Zime Zone’ toggle, that I am not prompted or warned that I must also have location services turned on.

Afterthought — Read the Fucking Manual (RTFM)

Yes, that’s right, the Ubuntu Desktop Guide literally spelled out what I needed to do and it was there the whole time.

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