CompTIA Linux+

I am starting my journey to become CompTIA Linux+ certified! Technically, I started on February 1, but am just now writing this. I have always been curious about Linux and dabbled here and there; I just have never dived in deep enough to be proficient. I want to change that. As an end user, I can get by in a Linux GUI and somewhat on the command line. I want to have greater knowledge than that. I want to be able to administer Linux systems on a professional level with confidence and without having to have Google opened up all the time. I would like to be able to add ‘Linux Administrator’ to my résumé under skills someday.

For this test, I am again going to use ( combined with Safari Books Online ( and Quizlet ( Between the videos, books, practice tests, practice labs, and online flashcards, I have a ton of resources to take the deep dive and stay constantly engaged. I feel the fastest and most successful method of learning is to have multiple inputs. This has proven very successful for me. I also compare and contrast real-world experiences to something I am learning and that helps reinforce the material for me.

I am excited for this opportunity and look forward to getting this accomplished!

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